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Clear and Catchy

You have a strong product or service and you want to tell as many people about it as possible. But how do you make sure your message makes an impact on the right target group? Have your website, newsletter, software, and more translated and reviewed by a professional who takes your wishes into consideration and has an eye for detail. B T Words offers a wide range of translation services including English to Dutch, Dutch to English and English to Frisian.

B T Words is experienced in translating a broad variety of texts, the main focus being on marketing, fashion, travel, electronics and sports. B T Words also offers copywriting and editing for Dutch and Frisian, and a host of other services to optimize your content. Whether it’s translating slogans on a fashion site, proofreading B2B communication or checking photo software, B T Words can help.

Clear Language > Results

Language can be a tool with which to reach and retain the right target audience. You may have a great English page, but Dutch speakers are not finding it because they are searching in their own language. Or your focus is on the Frisian market and you want to talk to people in their mother tongue. A fluent copy in people’s native language can not only help attract them to your page, but also keep them interested. And by using SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) with the right keywords, browsers will be able to find your page even better.

Once visitors are on your page, you want them to explore further. A correct and consistent text looks professional and reliable. This aids in every step of the customer process:
  • Catchy slogans next to your images or videos convince people that they should buy your product.
  • An easily-understandable user interface helps them order something without difficulty.
  • Well-written newsletters keep customers coming back.

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